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Israel’s South is one of its fastest growing regions, and as a result, Soroka is constantly expanding our services and centers. Here are a select number of our newest projects under development, which will be built in partnership with generous donors.

Soroka Comprehensive Cancer Center
Every Israeli deserves top quality medical treatment, especially during the hardest times. For cancer patients from Southern Israel, surviving their illness is doubly difficult, as there is today no comprehensive cancer center in the South of the country. Soroka believes that this must change, and so we are working to establish Israel’s finest cancer center, to provide world-class treatment and research for the 1,000,000 residents of Israel’s south, and for all Israelis needing medical care. Please read more about the center in development and goal, and consider becoming a partner in this important initiative.

Star of David Project at Soroka
“Reach for the Stars” and be a part of this legacy naming opportunity to support Soroka Medical Center. Help us launch this philanthropic partnership that will generate much needed publicity and revenue for Soroka for many decades to come. Soroka invites any donor who is passionate about this legacy project to proudly participate in bringing The History of the Star of David to Soroka Medical Center.

Download Star of David @ Soroka brochure

Secure and Expanded NICU Building
The new Neonatal Care Center will serve all newborns in the Negev. More than 16,000 babies are born every year at Soroka Medical Center, more than at any other hospital in Israel. The new Neonatal Care Center will also be fully protected against missiles from Gaza in accord with the standards of the Israeli Home Front Command.

To help support the new Neonatal Care Center, please visit our donation page.

Download NICU brochure
Download NICU units equipment brochure

New Clinical Research Center
details coming soon

New Rehabilitation Medicine Department
In order to bridge the tremendous gap that exists in rehabilitation medicine in the Negev, Soroka will establish a new Rehabilitation Medicine Department. A rehabilitation facility at Soroka Medical Center is essential as a supplementary and continuous service for patients from the Trauma Unit, hospital wards, and outpatient services. Many patients will be referred directly to the Rehabilitation Medicine Department for continued treatment directly from hospital wards, including Neurology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, and Plastic Surgery (burns).

Download Adult Rehabilitation brochure

Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit
Soroka’s goal is to help all children in our care to reach the highest level of physical, cognitive, and social functioning possible so that they can enjoy their childhoods. Soroka believes that success means restoring each child’s potential as far as possible to what it was prior to illness or injury. Pediatric rehabilitation medicine helps children with conditions that affect their motor development to adapt and return to their lives with optimal functionality.

Download Pediatric Rehabilitation brochure

In-Vitro Fertilization Center
The In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Unit at Soroka has made it possible for many young couples in Israel to realize their dream of having children and beginning a family. The Unit rates among the highest in Israeli Ministry of Health annual surveys and is on par with the best medical centers in the western world. There is a very real need to provide the Soroka IVF Unit the physical facilities and infrastructure that will ensure its remaining on the cutting edge of fertility medicine into the foreseeable future. The hope is also to triple the capacity of the IVF Unit in terms of number of treatments provided and patients served in order to meet both the need and the potential. Please read more about our plans and goal, and consider becoming a partner in this important initiative.

Negev Center for Eating Disorders
Eating disorders are serious medical conditions, with severe medical implications. At present, there are no services for the treatment of eating disorders in the entire Southern region of Israel, with the result an increase in eating disorders, afflicting over 12,000 children and adults. To increase the likelihood that they’ll seek help, patients require care in their home region. We need to meet these needs, and so are working hard towards the establishment of the Negev Center for Eating Disorders. Please read more about our plans and goal, and consider becoming a partner in this important initiative.

A new Pediatric Outpatient Wing
Today Pediatric Outpatient Clinics at Soroka are located in a 40 year old, building with limited space and narrow corridors. We are determined to change this situation and make pediatric outpatient visits to Soroka less stressful for patients, parents and medical staff. In the proposed new Pediatrics Outpatient Wing. Each clinic will occupy its own permanent space, allowing for shorter waiting time for children and families. Patients and families will have more privacy. Physicians will move easily between wards and clinics, increasing the “net medical attention” they provide. Clinics will run workshops as a vital part of treatment and introduce new community programs. The Pediatrics Division will move ahead with projects on hold for lack of space, creating a research center and classrooms for training medical and nursing students. It’s will be possible – with your help.

A new Endoscopy Institute
A new Endoscopy Institute is needed – a critical component in comprehensive gastroenterology services Soroka provides to families throughout the Negev. Soroka is one of the leading centers in Israel for gastroenterology in both the types and scope of the treatments it provides. Every year 500 new cases of colon cancer are discovered and more than 14,000 endoscopic procedures are carried out in addition to more than 12,000 outpatient visits to the clinics. Gastroenterology was established at Soroka 20 years ago; what once was adequate has long since failed to keep pace. Soroka leads the country in the number of procedures performed annually. Unfortunately, physical conditions have not kept up with the ever-growing demands. The new institute will increase the quantity while maintaining the high quality of procedures performed. For more information about the planned center, please click here.

Women and Children’s Operating Rooms
The Ob-Gyn Division at Soroka is one of the best in Israel, providing medical services to the entire Negev. Every year 13,500 infants are born in Soroka’s Ob/Gyn Division, more than at any other hospital in Israel. More than 15,000 women are cared for annually at the Gynecology Emergency Room. Over 26,000 women come to Soroka’s Women’s Clinics each year for diagnosis, counseling and treatment. The Department of Pediatric Surgery at Soroka is one of the largest in Israel, and a leader in the field. The Department specializes in a wide array of advanced surgical procedures and methods, and performs an average of 1,700 surgeries annually, significantly more than carried out at most hospitals nationwide. The needed new operating room complex will be state of the art and will include three operating rooms for the Women’s Division and one for the specific use of the Pediatric Surgical Department.

New equipment also makes tremendous impact on day to day life in Soroka. Please read more about our needs by clicking on the following needs:

Biopsy Equipment
Computer Assisted Diagnosis
Advanced Laser Equipment for Urology Surgery
CT Scanner

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