The first Jews to settle Palestine were called “chalutzim”, or “pioneers”. The doctors at Soroka follow this tradition with our pioneering innovative work. We’re proud to be a national leader in patient care and to lead the way for the Israeli medical community. Here’s a few of our latest innovative programs and initiatives:

Social Innovation: The Genetics Institute at Soroka Medical Center
Different segments of society face unique medical concerns. Genetic diseases are one of the most striking examples of this. Ashkenazi Jews and the Bedouin community, for example, suffer disproportionately from very specific hereditary diseases. The Genetics Institute is tackling these often life-threatening challenges head-on. Using best practice techniques in carrier testing, clinical and prenatal diagnosis, and genetic counseling, Soroka is making the Negev a healthier place to live for people from every walk of life.

Audible Innovation: The Hearing and Speech Institute at Soroka Medical Center
Giving the gift of sound to a hearing-impaired person endows life-altering independence and a newfound security. Those feelings are priceless. And that’s what motivates Soroka’s Hearing and Speech Institute to work around the clock to help residents of the Negev hear again. We perform over 800 hearing tests every month to diagnose and repair bad hearing. And Soroka’s innovative use of cochlear implants represents nothing short of a revolution in the rehabilitation of hearing disorders, making it possible for many people to hear and fully benefit from the sense of sound.

Relaxation Innovation: The Healing Sculpture Garden
Research has proven that patients heal better when their immediate environment provides a sense of peace and quiet. At Soroka, we want our patients to receive the best care in the best possible setting. With the support of the Legacy Heritage Fund, we reached out to local artists and created an “uncommon” common area where patients and their families can come to relax and meditate. It’s something you may find in every good community. But probably not in every hospital!

Mind Innovation: Neurology and Neurosurgery at Soroka Medical Center
When it comes to treating strokes, every moment counts. Soroka’s Stroke Team consists of doctors and nurses whose task is to insure that as many patients as possible receive the quickest and best treatment for stroke. Our multi-disciplinary and cross-departmental staff increase survival rates and perform complicated surgeries. Surgeries like craniotomy – opening the skull to access the brain for surgical repair. It’s medical care and integration at its finest.

Electrode Innovation: Epilepsy Center at Soroka Medical Center
Epilepsy occurs when a person suffers from recurrent and unprovoked seizures. Millions worldwide suffer from it. Our Center is unique in all of Israel for its ability to map brain functions from electrodes resting directly on brain tissue. This knowledge and experience helps us provide comprehensive care for hundreds of children and adults annually. It’s an expertise that helps us prevent epilepsy by delivering hundreds of lectures at schools and senior centers around Israel.

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