The Negev blooms, both physically and spiritually. Soroka’s Women’s Health Clinic facilitates and nurtures over 16,000 births every year, the most in all of Israel (that’s 45 births every day!). To translate those numbers into more concrete terms: Soroka is where the future of the State of Israel is born.

And Israel’s future couldn’t be in better hands. With the lowest infant mortality rate in Israel, quality is clearly a number one priority. This quality stems from a total commitment to excellence. In training. In experience. In research. In care. So when our doctors step into the room, patients can be confident they are being cared for by the best.

We provide specialized care for the various challenges facing Israeli women today.

Take breast cancer, for example. It’s the second most common type of cancer in the world. The Breast Health Center at Soroka serves women from throughout Israel with compassionate, comprehensive, modern breast health care on par with world-class centers in the Americas and Europe. Leading the way in early diagnosis and treatment, the Center examines over 20,000 women annually and the cure rate has increased to an astounding 75%.

And consider the issue of infertility. It’s a challenge that prevents many couples from realizing their dream of having children. Soroka’s response to these struggles is a world class In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Unit. Applying pioneering research to real-world problems, the IVF Unit at Soroka helps many Israelis live a life they once thought unimaginable. With a renowned staff of physicians aided by many national and international research grants, it’s no wonder Soroka’s success rates are consistently above the national average.

These numbers tell only part of the story. Numbers cannot quantify the smile in a woman’s eye as she holds her newborn baby. Nor that of the baby’s father.

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