The Future of the Negev Depends on Soroka
soroka map
The Negev’s population is set to double in thirty years reaching rapid new growth, Soroka represents peaceful coexistence in action, providing world-class healthcare for all. With outbursts of innovation, technological advancements, cybersecurity, army bases and young families from all walks of life–the new residents of the Negev turn to Soroka for necessary medical care. Continuing to develop and build state of the art centers at Soroka, is imperative to the Future of the Negev.
Soroka Medical Center is at the forefront of the COVID-19 Pandemic Response
Soroka was the first institution in Israel to open a COVID-19 Care Unit in 2020.
 As the only Major Medical Center in the area, Soroka has a responsibility and a commitment to meet the healthcare needs of all the residents of the Negev.
Caring, treating, testing and vaccinating over thousands of individuals, all while ensuring an optimistic work environment, constantly seeking faster methodologies and maintaining high quality levels of care.
Patient Testimonials

You are the angels who watch over our young children. When our little daughter was born, we were experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and we didn’t know what to expect. Our daughter weighed 592 grams, and was lying in an incubator. And you, like angels, gave her such amazing care. After two hard months, we are leaving the hospital, and we want to thank you for your support during this challenging time.”

-Family from Dimona

We want to thank the incredible orthopedic staff who helped and mentored us with everything, and showed such tremendous love and patience with our dear son – as if he was one of their own.”

-Malki Family, Village near Be’er Sheva

To the Pediatric Emergency Room Staff at Soroka Hospital: We want to thank all of you from the depths of our hearts for the exceptional treatment you provided. For the extra love, concern, patience, and above all, professionalism that you showed in treating our daughter. Our experience in Soroka will not be remembered as traumatic. We’re proud that we were fortunate enough to experience such exceptional care from your trustworthy hands and warm hearts. Continue your great and holy work.”

-Family from California

I thought things like this only happened in movies. Yesterday, I was at Soroka with my young daughter. I saw the work the entire staff was doing for the IDF soldiers wounded in Gaza – the compassion, the professionalism and the commitment they showed despite the difficult situation. I never once saw a doctor or nurse stop to eat, drink or take a break. They were thoroughly involved in doing everything required for the injured. As a mother of two soldiers, I just feel like giving you a hug and telling you how much I value your work. There’s nobody else like you!”

–Biton Family, Be’er Sheva

Perhaps the best way to share our impact is through the voices of the patients. Without your friendship and support, these warm remarks would have never been uttered. We at Soroka, along with these and many other families, thank you for advancing our lifesaving mission.
Soroka is an Outstanding National Strategic Asset

During challenging times, as Israel’s Iron Dome for Health, Soroka is at the forefront of treating wounded soldiers and civilians. With nearby Gaza and the increasing number of IDF bases in the Negev, Soroka is a crucial institution for emergency response and ongoing healthcare.