Your donations will help Soroka continue to treat the huge volume of patients arriving every day for emergency care, and stay prepared for what may come tomorrow. Your donations will go towards the acquisition of the following equipment that is essential for this mass casualty situation:
  • Trauma Operating Table TRIOS for Traumatic Spinal Surgery (Total Cost: $106,002)
  • Linet Electric Beds for Intensive Care  (Need 12,  Total Cost: $236,716)
  • Mobile DR Radiology Device for the Trauma Center (Total Cost: $206,597)
  • Monitor Defibrillator for the OR Recovery Room (Need 6, Total Cost: $162,000)
  • StealthStation S8 Navigation System for Traumatic Skull-Base Surgery for use in operating theaters (Total Cost, $111,150)
  • Infusion and Syringe Pumps Including Docking Station for use in ICU (Need 100, Total Cost: $223,316)
  • Vacuum-Assisted Closure device for Severe Wound Treatment for use in ICU (Need 10, Total Cost: $40,950)
  • Point of Care Ultrasound Devices for Trauma ER  (Need 4, Total Cost: $92,196)
  • GlideScope Video Laryngoscope for Trauma ER (Need 3, Total Cost: $43,875)
  • ICU Mindray Monitor for ICU (Need 12, Total Cost: $768,774)
  • Support for additional CT scanner in the emergency department  ($500,000)
  • Mental health and trauma support for staff and families ($150,00)