Mission Statement

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the outstanding medical care and breakthrough research at Soroka Medical Center, the leading medical center in Israel and the only major hospital in southern Israel, the country's fastest-growing and most diverse region.

About Soroka Medical Center

Located in Be’er Sheva in the country’s most diverse and fastest-growing area, Soroka Medical Center is Israel’s leading medical center and one of its largest and most strategic institutions. The sole major medical center for the entire Negev region, Soroka serves over 1.2 million residents, including over 400,000 children, in an area that comprises 60% of Israel’s land. Home to Israel’s newest comprehensive Cancer Center, The Legacy Heritage Oncology Center & Dr. Larry Norton Institute, Soroka Medical Center represents peaceful coexistence in action, providing world-class healthcare for all.

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center team
Board of Directors

Jay Selman, MD

Caroline Freidfertig
Vice President & Secretary

Hillel Caplan

Ruth C. Steinberg
President Emeritus

Miriam Arond
Board Member

Henri Boll
Board Member

Deborah Cherki
Board Member

Ran Daniel
Board Member

Kim Amzallag

Eliza DeSola

Sharon Plaue

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