Ways to Give

Take action to save lives in Israel

Naming Opportunities at Soroka

Thanks to the support of donors, Soroka has become a cutting-edge, world class medical institution that is the pride of Israel. Please join us today by becoming a partner with Soroka Medical Center by supporting one of our projects or donating to the annual fund of American Friends of Soroka Medical Center.

All donations are fully tax-deductible in the United States, Israel, and the United Kingdom, and can also be made tax-deductible from other countries. Soroka is proud to offer many naming opportunities, according to your interest, and our gift acceptance policy. Please contact us to discuss.

Recognizing Donors: From Los Angeles to New York, from Europe to Tel Aviv, our supporters form a large, worldwide network of friends who share a common vision for Israel’s future. You are as much a part of the Soroka family as the doctors and nurses who roam the hallways. Just like it is really hard to thank them for all the hard work they do, it is also extremely difficult to find the words to thank the many who support Soroka so generously, you among them. Your involvement impacts many lives each and every day.

Perhaps the best way to convey our thanks to you is through the voices of those who have been touched by Soroka’s medical care. Their words reveal more than anything else about the impact of your partnership. Without your friendship and support, these warm remarks would have never been uttered. We at Soroka, along with these and many other families, thank you.

You are the angels who watch over our young children. When our little daughter was born, we were experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and we didn’t know what to expect. Our daughter weighed 592 grams, and was lying in an incubator. And you, like angels, gave her such amazing care. After two hard months, we are leaving the hospital, and we want to thank you for your support during this challenging time.”

-Family from Dimona

We want to thank the incredible orthopedic staff who helped and mentored us with everything, and showed such tremendous love and patience with our dear son – as if he was one of their own.”

-Malki Family, Village near Be’er Sheva

To the Pediatric Emergency Room Staff at Soroka Hospital: We want to thank all of you from the depths of our hearts for the exceptional treatment you provided. For the extra love, concern, patience, and above all, professionalism that you showed in treating our daughter. Our experience in Soroka will not be remembered as traumatic. We’re proud that we were fortunate enough to experience such exceptional care from your trustworthy hands and warm hearts. Continue your great and holy work.”

-Family from California

I thought things like this only happened in movies. Yesterday, I was at Soroka with my young daughter. I saw the work the entire staff was doing for the IDF soldiers wounded in Gaza – the compassion, the professionalism and the commitment they showed despite the difficult situation. I never once saw a doctor or nurse stop to eat, drink or take a break. They were thoroughly involved in doing everything required for the injured. As a mother of two soldiers, I just feel like giving you a hug and telling you how much I value your work. There’s nobody else like you!”

–Biton Family, Be’er Sheva

Monthly Giving Club

Just as the Soroka team provides recurring care to its patients, the members of the Monthly Giving Club demonstrate their continuous commitment to the cause of saving lives in Israel. With an easy automatic credit card payment, your gift provides with sustained contribution necessary to leverage our support and deepen our impact.

When you join the Monthly Giving Club you will receive:

  • A welcome gift from Soroka (with over $36 a month)
  • A free event participation
  • A mentioning on our newsletter (can be anonymous, if preferred)
  • An exclusive annual cocktail party (with over $180 a month)

* Excluding major events - Gala, Mission to Israel & Golf Outing
** Minimum contribution of $18 per month

To become a part of the Monthly Giving Club and set up your monthly contribution, please contact us by email or by phone.

Employer Gift Match

By using your employer's matching gifts program, you could double or triple your support for Soroka Medical Center, where staff work hard with patients and their families to improve health and save lives in the southern region of Israel, serving over 1.2 million people in 60% of Israel’s landmass.

If your employer offers a matching program, please consider designating American Friends of Soroka Medical Center as a nonprofit of choice. Your matching gift can be sent to our address:

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center
Attention: Pazit Levitan, Director of Development
P. O. Box 184-H
Scarsdale, NY 10583

If you have any questions about processing a matching gift, please call our office at 914-725-9070 or email us at AmericanFriends@Soroka.org. Thank you for considering us for a matching gift, and thereby multiplying your impact!

Marketable Securities

When you donate stock, bonds, mutual funds or any type of marketable securities to AFS, you will generally take a tax deduction for the full fair market value, and contribution and tax deduction may instantly increase significantly. You can increase your tax deduction, while making a bigger impact on saving lives in Israel. It’s a simple an effective way to give a gift to the cause you believe in, while getting a tax benefit immediately. It’s a win-win!

To consult about donating stock or other type of marketable securities, please contact Executive Director, Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld at 914-725-9070 or email us at rachel@soroka.org.

Planned Giving

When you give a planned gift to AFS, you are linking your family’s name in perpetuity with our mission and creating a legacy at Soroka Medical Center. American Friends of Soroka Medical Center is happy to offer the new and prestigious AFS Legacy Society, honoring and celebrating planned giving contribution to the current and future generation associated with Soroka Medical Center and the health and wellness of the people of the Negev. It is truly inspirational to be willing and able to be such a role model of philanthropy, and an eternal champion of our mission.

Philanthropists who have expressed their commitment to Soroka Medical Center and include AFS as a beneficiary of any of the planned gifts below are invited to join the AFS Legacy Society:

  • Bequests
  • Bank and Brokerage Accounts
  • Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance

Depending on the level of your planned giving contribution, you family will be eligible for a naming at Soroka Medical Center. For more information about your family legacy opportunities and planned giving, call Director of Development, Pazit Levitan at 914-725-9070 or email us at pazit@soroka.org.

Host A Fundraising Event or Project

Hosting a home event or leading a special project is a wonderful way to raise funds for people in need. It is a great opportunity to collaborate with us and tailor a unique and meaningful initiative that fits your style and goals, while benefiting Soroka Medical Center. However, events can be very time-consuming and have relatively high costs. We want to make sure you and your committee have fun organizing your event! Therefore, we would like to tailor together a successful event that fits your personal style and goals. Contact us to discuss and brainstorm together. We can help out with the planning phase, the program, renowned presenters, sponsors, goodie bags and special guests, according to your vision. Examples include Bat/Bar Mitzvah project, home hosting of social events, featuring art and healing project at Soroka with the artist(s), hosting a special presentation, a musical performance, a mediterranean cooking class, Hesed Day in your synagogue, or a special screening, etc. Please contact Pazit Levitan at pazit@soroka.org to discuss this further.

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