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October 25, 2022
| The Pierre Hotel

The Soroka Friends’ community is creating a brighter future for the people of Israel. Join AFS at our 10 Years of Friendship Celebration on October 25th at the Pierre Hotel. The Gala is dedicated to the babies of the Negev – the Future of Israel.

Soroka has Israel’s busiest Neonatal department. With over 17,000 births a year, it urgently needs to be expanded and upgraded.

Past Events at American Friends of Soroka Medical Center

The History of the Star of David at Soroka Opening Ceremony - July 7, 2022

Thank you to American Friends of Soroka Medical Center’s board, partners, trailblazers and supporters, and to the Iranian American Jewish Federation, who made this this art installation possible. This “healing artwork” honors survival and determination, and evokes a celebration of Jewish culture, tradition and faith–reflecting hope, perseverance …

A Medical Miracle in the Negev - May 26, 2022

Hear from #SorokaFriends & America-Israel Friendship League for an awe-inspiring story of one-year old twin girls, previously cranially conjoined, and the marriage of modern medicine and technological innovation with a profound human touch that helped to successfully separate them.

NYC Spring Brunch - May 5, 2022

 As Soroka Ambassadors, Sophie Haddad & Dr. Malcom Kantor graciously hosted Dr. Mickey Gideon, Head of Neurosurgery at Soroka Medical Center and Dr. David A. Staffenberg, Chief of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Health, for a lovely Sunday Brunch. We enjoyed an afternoon of inspiration and …

Beverly Hills Event - April 26, 2022

 We recently had the honor of introducing Dr. Mickey Gideon to the LA community. Along with our generous hosts, we enjoyed an evening of inspiration and connection, welcoming extraordinary Israeli performers, longtime Soroka supporters and new friends. Please see the attached video clip of this magical …

Tomorrow’s Health Today Gala - October 18, 2021

On Monday, October 18, 2021 American Friends of Soroka Medical Center celebrated Tomorrow’s Health Today Gala at Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York City, honoring Mr. Pedro Lichtinger and Dr. Jay E. Selman. These two extraordinary leaders were recognized for their dedication to careers that advance global …

Lunch & Learn: Resilience, Reinvention & Self-Growth with Three Inspiring Women! - September 14, 2021

Hear three inspiring stories of Resilience, Reinvention & Self-Growth with Reyna Gentin, Chimere Haskins and Lori Kaufmann.

Israel’s Medical Iron Dome: Saving Lives Under Fire - June 16, 2021

#IsraelBonds Women’s Division and American Friends of #Soroka Medical Center highlight #Israel’s ‘#Medical #IronDome’ with three leading physicians.

Episode 4: The Future - June 16, 2021

The grand finale of “The Promise of the Negev” webinar series, featuring Historian and Author, Prof. Michael Bar-Zohar; Soroka’s Director General, Dr. Shlomi Codish and Co-Founder/Executive Director of Genesis, Dr. Yasmeen Abu-Fraiha, as they discuss the future of the Negev.

Episode 3: Genetics, Research & Diversity - April 28, 2021

With an esteemed and legendary career at the forefront of the founding of the State of Israel, spanning government, history and literature, Prof. Bar-Zohar brings The Promise of the Negev to life. This week Prof. Bar-Zohar is hosting Professor. Ohad Birk, Head of the Genetics Institute at …

Coping & Resilience: Parenting in a Pandemic with Dr. Therese Rosenblatt & Dr. Emily Arnstein - April 23, 2021

Join American Friends of Soroka’s board member, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Author, Dr. Therese Rosenblatt, in a conversation with special guests on Coping and Resiliency.

Episode 2: Innovation - April 7, 2021

With a distinguished and legendary career at the forefront of the founding of the State of Israel, spanning government, history and literature, Prof. Bar-Zohar brings The Promise of the Negev to life. Special guests from around the world will join Prof. Bar-Zohar in conversation.

Episode 1:”The Early Days” with Prof. Michael Bar-Zohar and Amb. Haim Divon - March 17, 2021

Soroka Salon Goes Virtual! Join master historian, author and storyteller Michael Bar-Zohar for an extraordinary exploration of the Negev. Our first guest was Ambassador Haim Divon, whose career includes posts as Israel’s Ambassador to Canada, to Ethiopia and to the Netherlands with 41 years in the Israeli …

Coping & Resilience: Family Relationships - January 28, 2021

Join our second Coping & Resilience session with Dr. Laura Gold and Dr. Therese Rosenblatt to discuss family relationships.

Cutting-Edge Cancer Research Webinar with Dr. Itzhak Avital - January 20, 2021

Soroka and BGU are tackling cancer on a global scale. Learn about recent developments in chemotherapy and immunotherapy from Dr. Itzhak Avital, M.D., medical director of Soroka’s Oncology Center and co-chair of BGU’s OncoMedicine Hub.

Finding Your Strength During a Crisis - November 6, 2020

Join our new webinar series, as our board member, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Author, Dr. Therese Rosenblatt converses with a special guest expert on the theme of COPING & RESILIENCE. This FIRST SESSION’s guest is a world renowned Medical Psychologist & Trauma Expert – on the individual and …

Desert in Bloom Virtual Gala - October 28, 2020

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center presents our first ever virtual Gala – Desert in Bloom – benefiting Clinical Research Breakthroughs at #Soroka! Join us for an amazing experience, featuring honorees Dr. Michael Hayden and Artist Marc Bennett, co-hosted by Michal Divon and Larry Gold with special …

COVID-19 Are You Ready for Winter? - July 23, 2020

Entering the fifth month of the COVID-19 Pandemic impact, we are experiencing the challenges of how to stay safe and healthy. Learn how to get prepared for the upcoming winter from two renowned experts: Dr. Jacob Dreiher & Dr. David Goldberg. Moderated by Pazit Levitan, with a …

Soroka & BGU Host an Expert Panel about Autism - July 10, 2020

Watch experts from Soroka Medical Center and Ben-Gurion University, who lead the National Autism Research Center of Israel, and learn about cutting-edge clinical research studies, personalized treatments and the first national autism database.

Ask The Experts VII: Nutrition for Health with Registered Dietitians Shula Witkow & Hillary Irwin - June 11, 2020

As part of the COVID-19 Pandemic impact, we have all experienced the challenges and opportunities of finding and maintaining optimal nutrition. You will learn how to eat mindfully, how to make nutrition and health a part of your daily routine and how to use diet as a …

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