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Newsletter – October 2021

It is a privilege and an honor to serve as the President of American Friends of Soroka Medical Center. Over the years, I have been inspired by the impact and changes that our support has made to this principal hospital in the south of Israel. With our …

Newsletter – March 2021

Join us in welcoming the spiritual rebirth of Passover. Confronted by a devastating modern-day plague, we have all experienced profound loss, had our faith tested and prayed together for the Plague to Pass-over. With the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines, real optimism is now warranted and we can …

Newsletter – December 2020

The incredible challenges of 2020 have highlighted the blessings in our lives and the great privileges we enjoy, including the opportunity to help others in need. As we strive to cope as best as we can, we are also building important reserves of resilience and encountering opportunities …

Newsletter – April 2020

In the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic we are counting our blessings, so thankful for good health and the privilege and opportunity to partner with Israel’s most strategic healthcare institution in confronting this massive global health crisis.

Soroka Medical Center Collaborates with IAI and Microsoft in treating COVID-19

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Microsoft, and Soroka Medical Center have collaborated to develop a supervision system to collect data on ventilated COVID-19 patients in a single location while providing updated, comprehensive information on patients’ status while minimizing the exposure of medical teams to infection. The system integrates …

Session 2: “Ask The Experts” with Dr. Ben-Zion and Dr. Rosenblatt

Feeling anxious? Wondering how to navigate relationships with loved ones? Learn from world renowned experts in this inspiring “Ask The Experts” session, hosted by American friends of Soroka Medical Center.

Session 1: “Ask The Expert” with Dr. Dreiher & Dr. Goldberg

Thank you to the amazing doctors and the 75 participants making Soroka’s first “Ask The Expert” session so informative and compassionate. Check out our full video meeting.

Soroka Medical Center Responds to the Coronavirus

Soroka Medical Center proactively opens a Coronavirus Emergency Center, demonstrating leadership in emergency preparedness for the 1.2 million people living in the Negev! Donate to our special emergency fund here. In coordination with the Ministry of Health, Soroka opened a Special Treatment Complex for Corona Virus patients. …

Newsletter – September 2019

It is our pleasure to wish our friends and supporters a happy and healthy New Year and extend our warm wishes for a year filled with accomplishment and fulfillment, enjoyed in peace and good health. We are so grateful for the steadfast support of Friends of Soroka: …

Spotlight: Prof. Victor Novack, at Soroka’s Cannibis Clinical Research Institute

“The global medical community lacks high-quality evidence to justify the widespread use of cannabis-derived medicine,” says Professor Victor Novack, Director of the cannabis Clinical Research Institute (CCRI) at Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva. The Institute, working in conjunction with the Medical Cannabis Unit of Israel’s Ministry of …