Year-End Greeting
December 2018
Dear Friends,

Wishing you and your loved ones a New Year filled with the blessings of good health, personal achievement and peace.

Please include Soroka in your year-end charitable donations now with a gift of any size. We depend on philanthropy to accomplish our capital project goals and to support our mission to provide the most advanced healthcare possible to the underserved population of Southern Israel. We welcome donations of stock and IRA distributions – please contact us to discuss your personal philanthropic goals at 914-725-9070. It was through the generosity of our donors that Soroka’s dream to create the first comprehensive cancer center for the entire south of Israel was realized, with the opening of the Legacy Heritage Oncology Center & Dr. Larry Norton Institute in July. Soroka Medical Center is ranked as the top hospital in quality metrics by Israels's Department of Health, and is the only Israeli hospital to achieve certification by the Joint Commission International for each of the past 10 years. Soroka is poised for a year of growth and success as a result of Soroka’s relentless focus on quality, commitment to excellence and ongoing advancement in all aspects of our operations.

On behalf of our extraordinary and devoted Board of Directors, American Friends of Soroka Medical Center thanks all of you who have volunteered, attended events and donated this year. AFSMC prides itself on creating a warm community of supporters united in their commitment to helping save lives in Israel and around the world, and in supporting the pioneering work of Soroka Medical Center.
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We are planning a robust calendar of events for 2019 and warmly invite you to join us. Our upcoming 2019 Gala on April 3 is the cornerstone of our activities for the year. The Spirit of Innovation at Soroka, our 7th annual gala, will shine a light on the cutting-edge developments underway at Soroka Medical Center, including the opening of the Negev Bio-bank, which facilitates the advancement of personalized medicine and redefines global health. American Friends of Soroka is also planning an exciting Golf and Tennis outing at the exclusive Old Oaks Country Club. Sign up at we encourage you to secure your spot as soon as you can, as this event has limited capacity.

Finally, we proudly announce a summer mission to Israel in early June. We hope you will join Soroka’s leaders on a trip of a lifetime, for a world class experience.

Wishing you a fabulous and meaningful 2019.

With gratitude,
Ruth C. Steinberg
Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld
Executive Director
The Spirit of Innovation Gala
Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 6pm
The Pierre Hotel
2 East 61st Street at Fifth Avenue
New York City
Edward A. Oates
Co-Founder of Oracle
Dr. Julie Ratner
Founder of The Ellen Hermanson Foundation
Orna Simkhai
Founder Of Shema-Or

Golf & Tennis Tournament
Monday, May 20th 2019
Old Oaks Country Club
Purchase, New York

Mission to Israel
May 31st - June 7th 2019
Join Soroka Friends and leaders on an extraordinary 5 day trip to Israel.
Contact office for details
914-725-9070 or visit

Hanukkah Celebration in Miami
American Friends of Soroka partnered with "Bridge of Love" in Miami for a joyous Hanukkah celebration at the iconic Colony Theatre in Miami Beach. Zamira Chenn, Dror Meshulam & Ensemble presented an extraordinary Hanukkah concert, benefitting cancer care at Soroka. "Bridge of Love" is a not-for-profit founded by Faye (Tzippy) Holand devoted to strengthening bonds with Israel through the Arts. The evening opened with an inspirational candle-lighting ceremony, with community leaders joining together in lighting the candles. Thank you Faye (Tzippy) Holand for this beautiful collaboration.
From left: Concert Creator Zamira Chenn, "Bridge of Love" Founder Faye (Tzippy) Holand, "Bridge of Love” Foundation Director & Performer, Dror Meshulam
From left: Pazit Levitan, Faye (Tzippy) Holand and Executive Director of American Friends of Soroka Medical Center, Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld
Zamira Chenn & Ensemble
Lighting Hanukkah candles: “Bridge of Love” Founder Faye (Tzippy) Holand, Consul Eli Gil, Orit Feigelman of the Israeli Women Parliament and Oren Ben-Ezra of the Moskowitz Foundation with his family
Holiday Concert of Light and Miracles: Soroka being a miracle in the Negev!
Singing the famous song “Jerusalem of Gold”
Zamira Chenn

Dr. Michael Bayme Received the Inaugural Healthcare Hero for Israel Award at the Liberty Museum in Philadelphia
On November 19, American Friends of Soroka's Philadelphia team gathered at the Liberty Museum to support Soroka’s Dr. Michael Bayme, the recipient of the first Healthcare Hero of Israel Award. This program was established by Teva Pharmaceuticals. The museum has installed an exhibit in honor of the 2018 award recipients, and we invite you to visit the museum for an interesting multi-media display that illuminates the achievements of Dr. Bayme and his outstanding co-honorees.
Dr. Bayme in front on the Healthcare Heroes of Israel exhibition at The Liberty Museum in Philadelphia
Philadelphia leadership - Kim Amzallag (right), Sharon Geller, Ken Winneg and Yael Leiner with Executive Director of American Friends of Soroka, Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld
Friends and supporters gather to congratulate Dr. Bayme for the prestigious award
Five experts who have had a significant influence on Israeli medicine
As reported in the Jerusalem Post
Dr. Ori Galante
Dr. Ori Galante
  • Senior physician in the Medical Intensive Care Unit.
  • Chairman of Soroka's Resuscitation Committee.
  • Head lecturer and coordinator of the “Medical Thinking and Integrative Clinical Medicine” Courses in the Faculty of Medicine in Beer-Sheba.
  • Specialist in internal medicine since 2011.
  • Specialist in intensive care since 2014.
  • Single-operator ultrasound-guided central venous catheter insertion verifies proper tip placement.
  • High-frequency QRS analysis in the evaluation of chest pain in the Emergency Department.
  • Member of: The Israeli Society of Internal Medicine; The Israeli Society of Critical Care Medicine; Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO)
What are the latest innovations in your field?
In the ICU we treat the sickest patients in the hospital. Patients with multi organ failure due to different etiologies. The last years are characterized by better understanding of the mechanism and pathophysiology of diseases and of the correct way of treatment and by the entry of sophisticated and innovative equipment for monitoring, imaging and treating the complexities of our patients.

Intensive care medicine is the leading discipline in the use of bed side point of care ultrasound (US). Recently I lead the introduction and use of ECMO -- extra corporeal membrane oxygenation, in our MICU. This device is the development of the heart-lung machine used in heart surgery. It allows us to replace the heart and lung function together or separately. By connecting a patient to ECMO, blood is drained from is heart to a mechanical lung which supplies oxygen and remove carbon dioxide without the activation of the native lungs, thus allowing the patients to recover. Blood pressure can also be maintained in a patient whose heart is not functioning.

What are your professional aspirations for the future?
To enable the population in Israel in general and in the Negev in particular to receive the highest quality intensive care treatment at the highest standards available in the world. And to continue training our young physicians in the correct approach to the complex medical situations and to aspire for the correct and best diagnosis and treatment.
Professional interests and achievements:
  • The SCPP – “Soroka CLABSI Prevention Project” in which we achieved zero central line associated infection during 6 months in patients admitted to the internal medicine wards.

Dr. Lior Fuchs
Dr. Lior Fuchs
Senior physician in the Intensive Care Unit and the Internal Division at Soroka for the past six years

Specialization: Intensive care and critical care ultrasound

Research and papers:
Studies focusing on the study of ICU large data. Using point of care ultrasound to improve the treatment and diagnosis of patients in intensive care an Israeli position paper for the proper integration of the point of ultrasound care in intensive care. Telemedicine of point of care ultrasound in rural Africa. Integration of point of care ultrasound: cardiac, lung and abdominal ultrasound into medical school curriculum. Active member of the Israeli ICU committees. Advisor to technology companies engaged in the development of innovative medical devices for rapid diagnosis at the bedside of unstable patients. Faculty member of international courses on point of care ultrasound.

What are the latest innovations in your field of operation?
As part of my residency in an intensive care unit at a Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston, I specialized in a new ultrasound-based technology that utilizes smaller and less expensive ultrasound devices so they can be used at the bedside of critical ill patients. The accessibility of these devices to physicians who are not cardiologists and radiologists but physicians in emergency care, intensive care, anesthesia or internal medicine shortens diagnostic and monitoring cycles for patients and increases the ability to physically examine unstable patients.

How would you describe the functions of your unit?
The Intensive Care Unit at Soroka is a leader in the use point of care ultrasound -- a target-focused ultrasound for diagnosing and monitoring unstable patients. We perform echocardiograms, abdominal and lung ultrasounds and imaging for invasive procedures. We give national courses in Israel and in the region and have already provided knowledge to hundreds of senior physicians from Israel and the Palestinian Authority in this new and advanced field. We are also working on revamping the syllabus of the Ben-Gurion University Medical School so that our graduates will be equipped with advanced bedside diagnostic abilities.

What is your vision for the future?
Providing professional and advanced treatment to residents of the Negev.

Dr. Mickey Gideon
Dr. Mickey Gideon
  • Director, Pediatric Neurosurgery Unit at Soroka University Medical Center Since 2012
  • Specialist in neurosurgery (brain and spinal surgery) and pediatric neurosurgery
  • Studies and research in the field of congenital CNS malformations in children
  • In addition, research in the field of congenital head and face anomalies in cooperation with the Plastic Surgery Department
  • Advisor to Meditech on the subject of robotics in brain surgery
  • Member of the Israeli Neurosurgical Society; the European Association of Neurosurgery (EANS); the European Society of Pediatric
  • Neurosurgery (ESPN); the International Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN)
What are the latest innovations in your field?
Technological innovations in recent decades have changed the face of neurosurgery more than any other field, both in the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. Today we are able to diagnose and characterize brain and nervous system diseases thanks to advanced imaging technologies. Because of cutting-edge technologies such navigation systems, operating microscope and endoscopes, we can provide minimally invasive and accurate surgical solutions and are able to reach any region of the brain to better treat and affect our surgical outcome. Technological progress has also influenced the diagnosis of diseases at the molecular level and the possibility of developing personalized drugs. The development of analytical simulation systems and 3D-printing technologies enable us to fully prepare ourselves for an operation and also train physicians and surgeons.

What is your vision for the future?
I hope to advance my unit to a national center of excellence and become the leading center for the medical staff specializing in Pediatric neurosurgery. I also wish to lead our department as a national neurosurgical research center in collaboration with researchers from the Ben- Gurion University of the Negev

Dr. Anat Horev
Dr. Anat Horev
  • Director of the Stroke and Interventional Neuroradiology Unit for the past four and half years at Soroka Medical Center.
  • Specialization: Neurology. Sub-specialization: Stroke and Interventional Neuroradiology
  • Research: Studies in the field of stroke and diseases of the cerebral veins such as blockages and narrowing of the veins that can lead to a variety of symptoms such as headaches and tinnitus.
  • Member of the American Heart Association; Israel Medical Association; Israel Neurological Association
What are the recent innovations in your field?
In recent years there has been a change in the treatment of strokes, mainly due to the development of catheterization for acute strokes. The treatment enables a significant improvement in the neurological deficits caused by a stroke and, at times, reverses the effects. Because of the technological and scientific developments, the percentage of patients eligible for treatment is increasing; and consequently, the number of successful treatments. In addition, interventional neuroradiology is undergoing tremendous technological advancements. We can therefore offer more patients catheterization which is a much less invasive solution compared to surgical intervention.

What are the functions of your unit?
Our stroke unit is one of the busiest in the country. We serve the entire Negev region. Our Angio suite and the equipment in it is equivalent to the equipment used in the best medical centers in the world. Our staff is highly professional and meticulous in the attention they pay to the needs of our patients. In addition to the complex procedures that we perform, such as stroke catheterization, stenting of blood vessels in the brain and neck, and closing of aneurysms and defects of blood vessels in the brain and spinal cord (AVMs), we are unique in our approach to cerebral venous diseases. We also offer medical care for the treatment of increased intracranial pressure due to stenosis of the cerebral veins and tinnitus treatments. Due to our expertise, we receive patients from around the world.

What is your vision for the future?
Improving the treatment of stroke patients in Israel, including efficient patient transfers to the stroke centers and prompt professional care in all the hospitals in Israel -- a subject I am trying to promote in the Ministry of Health and in the professional organizations. My vision for my center is to enlarge the service and continue to give the best service possible to the population of the Negev.

Dr. Amit Frenkel
Dr. Amit Frenkel
  • Director of Soroka’s Critical care outreach team
  • (CCOT) for the past three years.
  • Specializes: internal medicine and intensive care.
  • Chairman of the General Intensive Care Examination Committee
  • Treasurer of the Israeli Society of Critical Care Medicine
Research and papers: Working on research about changes in the wide range of laboratory tests in patients hospitalized for intensive care, especially those suffering from sepsis. Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Recanati School of Health Professions; Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

What are the latest innovations in your field of medicine?
With the current advances in intensive care, physicians must constantly update their medical expertise. In the general intensive care unit, patients come in with illnesses and conditions that encompass the entire range of the medical profession. These include patients with gunshot wounds, wounded soldiers, patients suffering from infections and secondary malfunctions in the body systems, road accident victims and patients exposed to toxic substances. Most innovations in intensive care are based on bedside monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. In recent years, a variety of new invasive methods enable an in-depth understanding of the individual physiology of each patient.
American Friends of Soroka Medical Center
PO Box 184-H | Scarsdale, NY 10583 | (914) 725-9070

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